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Treating lipedema without surgery - conservative therapy options

Although there is no cure for lipoedema, there are two good forms of treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort and make everyday life easier for those affected. Before undergoing surgery, many patients first consider conservative lipoedema treatment.

Lipedema Conservative therapy
Lipedema diet


Lipedema Sport and exercise

Exercise & Sport

Lipedema lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Lipedema compression underwear

Compression underwear


Conservative lipoedema therapy is primarily suitable for alleviating our patients' symptoms and thus improving their quality of life.

Initially treating lipoedema conservatively is always recommended - on the one hand, the therapy should stimulate and maintain lymph flow. On the other hand, it makes sense to combat any excess weight or obesity.

Our pillars of conservative lipoedema therapy

The pillars of conservative therapy in our holistic concept consist of lymphatic drainage and the provision of compression garments on the one hand, and a change or optimization of diet and the establishment of exercise and/or sport in everyday life on the other.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage disorders and the associated water retention can be reduced by means of lymphatic drainage. This involves gently massaging the affected areas to activate the lymph vessels and thus stimulate the removal of tissue fluid.

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Compression underwear

In addition to lymphatic drainage, custom-fit compression garments should be made. It should be noted that this must be a flat-knit compression garment. This also promotes the removal of tissue fluid and the function of lymphatic valves.

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"Reducing excess weight or obesity is another important component in the conservative treatment of lipoedema."

Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp

Exercise & Sport

Sports that are easy on the joints and exercise in water are very suitable for lipoedema patients.

In combination with a change in diet, this contributes to a greater sense of well-being and often to a reduction in pain for our patients.

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It is important to us that you don't jump from one diet to the next and end up in a "vicious circle" of starvation and the yo-yo effect.

It is important to follow a long-term, calorie-reduced diet. Which form of nutrition is most suitable for you is entirely up to you.

As part of a clinical nutrition study, we asked ourselves whether there are special diets that can help our patients with weight management.
Although the areas affected by lipoedema are resistant to diet, weight loss is also possible in lipoedema patients if calories are reduced.

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