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Lipedema and hormones

The origin of lipoedema is not yet fully understood. In addition to the assumption that lipoedema is genetic, hormones also play a role as a cause in lipoedema research.

Lipedema hormones


Researchers suspect a connection between lipoedema and hormones, as almost all sufferers are women and the onset of the disease and the increasing worsening of symptoms coincide with hormonal changes in the body, for example puberty, the start of the pill, pregnancy or the menopause. However, hormones alone are by no means the cause of lipoedema. Although there is an imbalance in certain hormonal cycles in lipoedema, not all lipoedema patients are affected. You can find out more about this in an individual consultation in our consultation hours.

Around 40-44% of lipoedema patients also suffer from an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). A connection with hormones is therefore also suspected, but has not yet been confirmed.

"Lipoedema patients are best advised to choose non-hormonal contraceptives, such as the copper IUD."

Dr. Simone Hermanns


The sex hormone oestrogen probably plays a key role in the development or worsening of the disease. Excess oestrogen causes the oestrogen to dock onto the receptors of the fat cells, which can lead to an outbreak or worsening of the disease.

The two sex hormones progesterone and testosterone can also play a role in the development of lipoedema. If there is a deficiency in these hormones, the hormones are imbalanced with oestrogen, which appears to "trigger" the abnormal fat cells and can trigger an episode of lipoedema.

A balanced diet leads to a balance of hormones and can therefore prevent further worsening of lipoedema or lipoedema flare-ups.

Video: Lipedema & hormones in context

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