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Nutrition for lipedema patients

Unlike obesity, lipoedema is not caused by a poor and high-calorie diet, but by a chronic pathological fat distribution disorder. As a result, a healthy diet cannot directly combat lipoedema, but it does contribute to general health and mental well-being. And thus in turn promotes conservative lipoedema therapy.

It is important to us that you do not jump from one diet to the next and end up in a "vicious circle" of starvation and the yo-yo effect.
That's why PANTEA® founder Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp and her research team have investigated which diet is ideal for lipoedema patients when dealing with the disease and created targeted nutrition plans based on their findings.

Lipedema diet

"A balanced and blood sugar-friendly diet, consisting mainly of fruit, vegetables and pulses, is recommended for lipoedema."

Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp

Our interdisciplinary research and development team consists of experts in medicine, biology and naturopathy and is led by two former university professors. Nutrition is an important part of the long-term treatment of lipoedema patients. We therefore advise our patients as holistically and individually as possible before and after each operation.

The nutrition plans developed provide for a very varied diet based on a 3-pillar principle:


Nutrition plan with calorie-reduced recipes; 3 varied and tasty meals a day with a high satiety value.


Detoxification: Maintenance of normal liver function and normal fat metabolism as well as normal cell metabolism.


Maintenance of normal energy metabolism and normal serotonin levels; maintenance of normal mental function; reduction of fatigue.

The change in diet is accompanied by innovative nutrient and vital substance complexes developed by our research team on the basis of research findings. Our aim is to define a sustainable, holistic nutrition plan that ensures nutritional support to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body and thus sustainably improve quality of life.

Overview of conservative lipedema therapy

To the overview of conservative lipedema therapies.

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