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Lipedema causes

PANTEA® doctors have been researching the causes and treatment options for lipoedema for years, as the triggers of the disease are not yet fully understood. The latest results from our research suggest that genetic factors play a role in the development of lipoedema, as the women affected usually have or have had other family members with the condition.

Lipedema causes

Experts also suspect hormonal causes: Patients are almost exclusively women and the onset of the disease and the increasing worsening of symptoms coincide with a hormonal change in the body, for example puberty, starting to take the pill, pregnancy or, in rarer cases, the menopause. A lack of progesterone or an excess of oestrogen can worsen lipoedema.

However, hormones alone are by no means to blame for lipoedema. Although there is an imbalance in certain hormonal cycles in lipoedema, not all lipoedema patients are affected.

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"Lipoedema patients are often extremely sporty and eat a healthy diet. Unfortunately, you can't see this conscious lifestyle on their bodies."

Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp

The lymphatic system has a transport function in the body. Dead cells, protein and fat cells as well as bacteria and metabolic products are transported away with the lymph. It also transports fluid out of the tissue. The lymph therefore ensures a fluid balance in the body.

Another cause of lipoedema is thought to be a lack of transport capacity in the lymph vessels. This leads to a build-up of lipid- and protein-rich substances around the fat cells. This persistent congestion in turn (hinders) the removal, which exacerbates the existing congestion and creates a vicious circle. As a result, fewer and fewer fat cells can be removed. The diseased fat cells cannot be influenced by exercise or dietary measures.

At an advanced stage, many patients develop chronic lymphoedema and hardening of the fat cells.

Important to know: If lipoedema is not treated, it often leads to so-called chronic lipoedema after 15 to 20 years, which is resistant to treatment.

Important information for lipedema cause:

Lipoedema is not caused by a lack of exercise or a poor diet. However, lipoedema is often associated with being overweight. This can worsen the symptoms, but is not itself a trigger for the disease.

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