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Lipedema symptoms

Compared to other diseases, lipoedema is still relatively unknown and is therefore often not diagnosed as such - much to the regret of those affected. It is not uncommon for patients to leave the practice with diagnoses such as venous disorders or obesity (morbid obesity). As a result, all therapeutic approaches and diets are virtually ineffective and the physical and psychological burden on women continues to increase.

Lipedema symptoms

"Lipoedema is a very young disease that is often still underestimated because it has been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all for a long time."

Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp

Pillar legs

So-called "columnar legs" are often associated with the disease. The legs of those affected appear almost contourless and - as the name suggests - columnar. Many women are therefore reluctant to show their body. Psychological stress is often the result.

Rapid hematoma development (bruises)

Even the slightest pressure or bumping into objects causes hematomas (bruises) in lipedema due to vascular fragility, even with slight pressure or touching of the extremities.

Feeling of tension in warm temperatures

Feelings of tension in the legs in warm temperatures or so-called pain at rest (especially after prolonged exertion) are also common symptoms of lipoedema.

Incidentally, pain at rest and to the touch are among the decisive criteria for distinguishing lipoedema from classic obesity.

Cellulite - mattress phenomenon

The aesthetic impairment caused by cellulite ("mattress phenomenon"), which manifests itself in unevenness of the subcutaneous fat, should not be neglected either. It often leads to depression due to the sometimes massive restrictions in everyday life and a lack of awareness and acceptance of this condition in society.

Cold feeling

The thighs or buttocks of those affected usually feel cold to the touch. After an operation, the affected areas suddenly have a normal blood supply and are "warm". As the fatty tissue appears to be less well supplied with blood in lipoedema, this coldness typically occurs in the areas where the lipoedema is more pronounced. In other parts of the body, patients have a completely normal feeling of warmth.

Not sure if you suffer from lipoedema?

You can try out the "Munich Lipedema Score (MLS)" together with your treating doctor. The Munich Lipedema Score was developed by PANTEA® founder Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp and other experienced plastic surgeons in Munich to make it easier for doctors to make a diagnosis, standardize the diagnosis of lipoedema and classify lipoedema.

Video: Lipedema symptoms - signs & diagnosis

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