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Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery at PANTEA

Dr. med.
Anna-Theresa Lipp

Specialist for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

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As a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, I know the subject of lipedema from every medical angle - it is my research specialty and surgical treatment has become my passion over the last 5 years.

My experience has shown: Every lipoedema is different and so is every patient. That's why I take a lot of time to empathize with my patients and understand their wishes.

At PANTEA®, my team and I take a holistic approach for our patients. From conservative therapy and surgical treatment to aesthetic follow-up procedures. We also take care of issues relating to nutrition, exercise and self-management.

As a former sufferer, I know all the fears, worries and questions associated with the disease. I am therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer my patients advice and support.

I am actively involved in lipoedema research in order to advance the science of lipoedema.

My professional focus

Lipedema surgery

  • Initial consultation regarding surgical and conservative treatment options
  • Concept of holistic treatment before, during and after liposuction for lipedema
  • Definition of standards and performance of liposuctions for lipedema using the "PANTEA® method"
  • Surgical guidance for liposuctions for lipedema (with/without laser)
  • Scar-free skin tightening with Renuvion® plasma energy and Alma™ diode laser

Aesthetic medicine: Minimal and non-invasive treatments

  • Wrinkle treatments
  • Morpheus8™

About me

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Born and raised in beautiful Salzburg

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Travel, reading, wellness

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Spending time with my family and friends

"When you begin to overcome your ego and seek the constant truth, many things that previously seemed difficult become easy."

My career

Since 2023: Specialist for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery at PANTEA® (formerly private practice Dr. Lipp & Kollegen)

07/2020: Foundation of private practice Dr. Lipp & Kollegen with Markus Ulrich Lipp, MBA

2020: Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, University Hospital of the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

2016 - 2020: Assistant Physician for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, University Hospital of the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

2014 - 2015: Assistant doctor, basic surgery (common trunk), Schön Klinik Munich Harlaching

2012 - 2015: Doctorate at the University Hospital of the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

2013: License to practice medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

2007 - 2013: Studied human medicine at the Medical Faculty of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


Extract from my further medical training

  • Doctor for nutritional medicine according to DGE/DGM (curriculum of the BÄK) 07/2017
  • Aesthetic plastic surgery: wrinkle treatments, fillers, lipolysis, mesotherapy certification (GAAM) 09/2017 and 10/2017
  • Hair Transplant Fellowship Dr. Jimenez Acosta Gran Canaria 06/2017

In order to ensure the highest possible quality standard for PANTEA® with the best and most modern methods in the field of lipedema surgery, I regularly take part in national and international congresses and advanced training courses.


My memberships

  • Full member of the German Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (DGPRÄC)
  • President of the German Society for Lipedema Surgery (DGfLC) (2021-2023)
  • Founding member of the German Society for Lipedema Surgery (DGfLC)


My awards

  • Winner of the Ulrich Hinderer Award - "The Voice of Europe" 2019 - of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF SOCIETIES OF AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY (EASAPS) as representative for Germany
  • Lipedema Foundation "Proof of Concept Award" 2017: Research funding for lipedema research
  • Travel Grant of the ESDR (European Society for Dermatologic Research) 2013
  • DGFW (German Society for Wound Healing) Research Award 2014

More than just a job: my passion for medicine

I am more than familiar with the human side of this disease - because I myself was diagnosed with lipoedema. Several years and operations have passed since then. In the meantime, I have arrived healthy (and relieved) in my "life 2.0".

That's exactly what my work is all about: the combination of professional expertise and personal experience (and a surname that also happens to fit quite well).

I discovered my calling in my work. I was struggling with lipoedema myself and couldn't find any answers because the literature and science on this condition was still very scarce. Today, I am glad that I have not only won the battle against lipoedema myself, but that I am also able to accompany many patients every day into a new, happy life free of complaints. My greatest joy are satisfied, happy patients and their excellent feedback.

As a doctor and specialist in lipoedema, I know how to give my patients a new zest for life and a feeling of freedom. My professional expertise from my time at the Rechts der Isar University Hospital (MRI) in Munich as well as numerous lipoedema research projects, expert activities, further training, specialist publications and lectures help me to do this.

An excerpt from my scientific work

Cell biology study

"Cell biology and protein expression studies on adipocytes from lipedema patients compared to healthy patients", Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2019

Objective of the cell biology study

The cause of lipoedema is still unknown. A genetic component is assumed on the basis of positive family histories, as well as a hormonal component due to the almost exclusively female patients and an outbreak of the disease or its progression in the phases of hormonal changes. In addition, a certain "vascular fragility" is noticeable in lipoedema patients, which can lead to hematomas on the extremities even with minor trauma. Due to the lack of scientific data on the pathogenesis of lipoedema, the aim of this study was to shed light on the molecular aetiopathogenesis of this clinical picture.

Epidemiological study

"New findings on lipedema - a retrospective postoperative data analysis of 209 patients with lipedema", Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2019

Objective of the epidemiological study

Lipedema is characterized by localized adipose tissue proliferation and edema of the extremities that typically does not respond to dietary regimens or physical activity. Although the disease is well described and affects a large number of women worldwide, little is known about its etiopathogenesis.



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My books

The passion and expertise for lipedema treatment is also reflected in my publications. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Book by Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp: Fat is nice - finally understanding the unloved organ

Book by Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp: Lipedema-Life-Balance!

Book by Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp: Swans in Disguise

Book by Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp: The Lipedema Book

Book: Easier living with lipedema

Book: All about LIPEDEMA

Book: Diagnosis lipedema

Book: Everyday helper lipedema

Audio sample for the book 'Fat is nice'

Listen here:

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