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Aesthetic medicine and skin tightening

Fat reduction and skin tightening without surgery in Munich using laser (Fotona TightSculpting™)

Annoying small pockets of fat are perceived as unattractive. Thanks to the innovative and clinically proven application procedure, stubborn small localized fat deposits on the abdomen, flanks and thighs can be effectively, permanently and safely reduced and the body sculpted.

Our Fotona TightSculpting™ is a unique, non-invasive treatment that combines two procedures in a dual-wavelength laser treatment. The unique PIANO® and SMOOTH® technologies achieve deep and superficial skin tightening on the one hand and a reduction in localized fat deposits for body sculpting on the other.

To achieve the same results as TightSculpting™, other treatments require you to undergo two separate procedures; one that targets the tissue, where patients may wait months for the desired results, and another to tighten the skin. This extends the time it takes to achieve your ideal shape. With TightSculpting, these two procedures are combined into one treatment to give you faster results.

Procedure Non-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening with laser (Fotona TightSculpting™)

  1. Step: Deep tightening and fat reduction with the PIANO® pulse mode:

    The unique, long Nd: YAG pulse mode is designed for homogeneous, comfortable, safe and fast heating of tissue by concentrating energy delivery on the subcutaneous metabolism of fat cells, leaving the epidermis intact. The PIANO® mode extends the pulse duration to the seconds range, resulting in profound heating combined with a synergistic tightening effect.

  2. Step: Tightening of the skin surface with SMOOTH® pulse mode:

    The second stage consists of a revolutionary, non-ablative Er: YAG SMOOTH® mode, which is ideal for tightening the skin. The intensive, controlled heating of the surface tissue stimulates collagen formation and initiates neocollagenesis. The effects lead to an overall improvement in skin tightening and elasticity in the treatment areas.

What are the benefits of the Fotona TightSculpting™ treatment?

  • Non-invasive and comfortable procedure
  • Deep, long-lasting rejuvenation of the skin by stimulating the body's own natural rejuvenation processes
  • Individually customizable, from slight improvement of the skin surface to treatment of deep wrinkles and damaged ageing skin
  • Reduction of local fat deposits for body sculpting
  • Fast and effective
  • Safe and patient-friendly
  • Minimum downtime
  • Natural result

When will the first results be visible?

After the first treatment, patients usually experience an initial reduction in the treated fat layer. The skin becomes firmer, more flexible, smoother and more youthful. Depending on the initial situation, approx. 2-6 treatments are required to achieve the desired result.

Who is fat reduction & skin tightening without surgery suitable for?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and ages.

What should I look out for before and after the TightSculpting treatment?

The skin should not be too tanned before treatment. The skin should not be exposed to prolonged direct UV radiation for 2-3 weeks before and after each treatment.

How many treatments are necessary?

The results vary for each individual. An initial result is visible after the first treatment, followed by a gradual change in contour as your treated skin becomes firmer. To achieve a noticeable result, four to six treatments at intervals of 2-4 weeks are recommended in most cases - depending on the individual's initial situation. Once the treatment has been completed, the desired result is achieved and usually lasts for several years. Refresher treatments are possible at any time thereafter as required.

How long does a TightSculpting treatment take and where does it take place?

Depending on the region treated and the indication, a two-stage Fotona TightSculpting™ treatment usually takes around 20 - 60 minutes, depending on the skin surface texture and size to be treated. The treatment takes place on an outpatient basis in our practice.

Is there any downtime? When will I be socially acceptable again?

The downtime is very short. On the day of treatment, swelling and redness of the skin is visible. With longer treatments, this condition can last up to 2 days after the treatment. After that, slight redness is still visible and there is increased sensitivity to light, which quickly diminishes. After the treatment, you can go about your daily activities again.

Do I need anesthesia?

No, a Fotona TightSculpting™ treatment is minimally invasive, painless and takes place without anesthesia. However, if necessary, an anesthetic cream can be applied 40 minutes before the treatment.

Is special aftercare required?

No, no special long-term aftercare is required after a Fotona TightSculpting™ treatment. A water vapor-permeable cream should be used for the first 7 days. Cooling with thermal water, for example, is also recommended immediately after the treatment. To achieve the ideal effect, we recommend plenty of fluid intake, a healthy diet (avoiding fatty and carbohydrate-containing foods) and exercise. You should avoid sunbathing or going to the solarium for approx. 2-3 weeks and use sun protection with SPF 50+.

Why laser treatment?

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Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please make an appointment and we will answer all your questions about the Fotona laser and our Fotona TightSculpting™ in a comprehensive consultation. We have proven experts within our team at PANTEA® Private Practice for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery who specialize in non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments and have gained a great deal of experience in working with various laser systems. Together, we have opted for the innovative and technologically leading Fotona SP Dynamis laser system to offer our patients the best possible treatment results.

About the Fotona SP Dynamis laser system

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