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Compression underwear and compression stockings

For long-term success in the treatment of lipoedema, nothing works without them: compression stockings. To be effective, the stockings must be worn for 12 hours a day. Only then will they prevent the swelling of the legs that is characteristic of the disease throughout the day. Patients should therefore make absolutely sure that the stockings fit properly. It is therefore particularly important that the compression stockings are individually fitted by a specialist retailer.

Lipedema compression underwear

Compression garments must also be worn for all non-water sports. A distinction is made here between round-knit and flat-knit compression stockings.

Round knit is used for venous disorders, while flat knit provides the best support for lipoedema and lymphoedema and therefore has the right weave structure for our patients. A flat knit stocking is particularly effective during movement - the decongestion and massage effects are often perceived as beneficial. Without compression stockings, however, the oedema can worsen and cause pain.

Overview of conservative lipedema therapy

To the overview of conservative lipedema therapies.

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