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Autologous fat injections in the face in Munich

In an autologous fat injection, a small amount of fat is first suctioned from a suitable area of the body, for example the hips, stomach or thighs. The removed fat is then injected under the skin in the desired areas of the face. On the one hand, the injected volume can be used to correct wrinkles or improve the contour of the lips, for example. On the other hand, the injected fat cells have a regenerative effect that can significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Which areas of the face can be treated with autologous fat?

Treatment with autologous fat can be useful, for example, to make the cheek region appear plumper and fresher again. In the lower eyelid region, the regenerative effect of the fat can improve the quality of the skin. The lips can also be made more voluminous through an autologous fat transplant.

How long does the treatment with autologous fat in the face last?

In contrast to hyaluronic acid, the results of autologous fat injections are permanent. A small proportion of the injected autologous fat is broken down by the body, but the remaining fat is permanently integrated into the tissue. If the patient wishes to have a top-up/further autologous fat transplant over time, this is possible without any problems.

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