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Aesthetic surgery Combination procedure

Combination procedure liposuction for lipedema and aesthetic surgery

As a highly specialized center for lipoedema surgery, we know that excess skin can develop on the abdomen, upper arms or thighs after high-volume liposuction. We are able to help many patients very well with direct laser treatment during the operation. For some patients, however, it is clear even before liposuction that the desired aesthetic result can only be achieved through surgical skin tightening in addition to liposuction.

Other patients want aesthetic breast surgery as part of liposuction for lipedema - also procedures that can be combined very well.

What are the advantages of a combination of liposuction for lipoedema and aesthetic surgery?

Our practice offers the advantage of combining the expertise of experienced and proven specialists in lipoedema surgery and plastic aesthetic surgery. If a combination procedure is an option for you, you will receive detailed advice from both experts before the operation, and the operation will of course also take place as a team.

By combining different procedures, you only have to undergo one operation and one anesthetic and only have to plan for a single period of downtime. We will be happy to clarify which combinations are suitable in your individual case in a personal consultation in our office.

Possible combination procedures of liposuction for lipedema and aesthetic surgery

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