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Aesthetic medicine PRP for hair loss

PRP for hair loss

How PRP autologous blood therapy naturally helps with hair loss

Genetic hair loss does not only affect men. Many women are also affected by hair loss or very thin hair as they get older. A tried and tested treatment method can then be so-called autologous blood therapy. This natural therapy uses your body's own activated blood plasma (platelet rich plasma = PRP). Repeated autologous blood treatments stimulate the body's own platelet concentrate and the growth hormones in your hair. In addition, blood circulation improves and old, already dying hair root cells can regenerate. The pleasing result: stronger hair and thicker hair growth.

What does PRP autologous blood therapy mean?

In autologous blood therapy, we take a few milliliters of your own blood through a vein. We use a special centrifuge to obtain highly concentrated blood plasma, known as platelet concentrate (PRP). It is ready for use for your hair treatment after just 15 minutes and promotes cell renewal, hair follicle and blood vessel formation. The good thing about it: the treatment is virtually painless. The autologous blood, also known as "liquid gold", is injected by Dr. Lipp with wafer-thin needles in several places under the skin in the direction of the hair follicle.

How many PRP autologous blood treatments are necessary for hair loss?

It takes more than a single PRP treatment to revitalize your scalp in the long term. Dr. Lipp creates an individual therapy concept for each patient, which usually initially comprises 6 - 8 treatments at intervals of 2 - 4 weeks.

When can a visible effect be expected?

In most cases, a measurable and visible effect occurs after approx. six months. Refresher treatments at least twice a year have proven to improve the effect and maintain it in the long term. So-called "dormant hair follicles" can then also be "awakened" with the help of PRP autologous blood treatment.

How long does a PRP treatment take and when will I be ready to go again?

An autologous blood treatment on the head usually takes about 45 minutes. No downtime is to be expected.

What precedes PRP autologous blood treatment for hair loss?

First of all, a thorough medical history and examination by a dermatologist or endocrinologist is important in order to rule out any underlying hormonal disorders. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of a PRP treatment for your hair loss or thinning hair. The only exception: It is better not to have autologous blood treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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