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Effective hyaluronic filler treatments in Munich

Nowadays, hardly any anti-ageing cream can do without hyaluronic acid. But what exactly is this substance? Hyaluronic acid is produced in large quantities by our body at a young age and is an important component of our connective tissue and skin. It acts as a "lubricant" in our joints. As we get older, the body's own production of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the tissue decreases. This also reduces the moisture content - our skin loses elasticity and resilience; wrinkles appear.

Artificial hyaluronic acid treatment as wrinkle killer no. 1

Whether it's crow's feet, wrinkles between the nose and chin or in the cheek and lip area: these little things often make you feel "older on the outside than on the inside". The same also applies when the cheek area sinks downwards and loses volume or the dark circles under the eyes simply won't go away. In all these cases, I can help you at the PANTEA® Private Practice for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery with the virtually painless injection of hyaluronic acid: Wrinkles can be significantly reduced or volume loss can be compensated for.

How do hyaluronic fillers work in Munich?

Dermal hyaluronic fillers are chemically produced, biodegradable substances that are very close to the body and are injected under the skin. There they correct the loss of volume suffered as part of the ageing process and reduce the depth of wrinkles. While permanent fillers are virtually no longer used today, non-permanent fillers made from hyaluronic acid have become widely accepted due to their excellent effectiveness and tolerability.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluron produced for injection into the tissue is usually prepared (cross-linked) in such a way that it is not immediately broken down by the body, but is only slowly reabsorbed.

Is hyaluronic acid treatment harmful to the body?

No. High-quality hyaluronic acids integrate directly into the body and can even stimulate the body's own collagen and elastin production.

What are hyaluronic fillers good for?

Dermal fillers are particularly suitable for injecting deep wrinkles (e.g. nasolabial folds, marionette lines, frown lines) as well as for treating small static wrinkles (e.g. cheek wrinkles or lip wrinkles). Fillers are also used for deep volume augmentation of the midface and for shaping (lip augmentation, nose profile correction, reconstruction of sunken cheeks or deep dark circles under the eyes). Another application of hyaluronic acid is hydration therapy, in which hyaluronic acid (Skinbooster®) is distributed under the uppermost layer of the skin to restore the moisture balance.

How quickly does hyaluron work and when are results visible?

The effect can be seen immediately as soon as the slight skin irritation caused by the injections has disappeared. In rare cases, swelling and redness may persist for several days. Hydration therapy with Skinboosters® is an exception. Their full effect only develops after several weeks.

How long do the results with hyaluronic fillers last?

The effect depends on the quality of the preparation used, the region treated and your individual disposition. Dr. Lipp only uses the best tested hyaluronic fillers on the market and the results of cross-linked hyaluronic acids generally last for around twelve months.

When are you "socially acceptable" after treatment with hyaluronic fillers?

As a rule, there are no downtimes. The treatment is generally well tolerated. Possible side effects include small, temporary bruising and temporary redness or swelling at the injection site.

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