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Aesthetic medicine laser treatment

Why laser treatment?

Aesthetic laser treatment is an effective and gentle treatment method for those who want to significantly and sustainably improve the structure of their skin without surgery. The procedure has a natural tightening and tissue thickening effect, as it is based on the formation of new collagen and elastic fibers. The result is a general improvement in the appearance of the skin and a significant rejuvenation effect on the facial skin. Laser treatments are also relatively risk-free and cause virtually no pain. The treatments can be carried out directly in the practice without any special preparations. Depending on the indication, the number of treatments required for an optimal result varies between one and three. The downtime afterwards is very short.

Anti-ageing treatments using lasers are now an integral part of aesthetic medicine and dermatology and more and more patients are looking for low-risk, minimally invasive treatment without anesthesia, scalpels or needles. The laser systems available are highly developed and therefore more precise and safer than in the past. Our Fotona SP Dynamis laser system is one of the most innovative, effective and safe systems in the world.

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