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Lipedema and pregnancy

Pregnancy or breastfeeding or weaning can in principle trigger lipoedema or lead to flare-ups - but it does not have to.

The course of lipoedema is, like pregnancy itself, very individual and therefore unfortunately cannot be predicted. Conservative therapy (lymphatic drainage and compression treatment) can and should be continued during pregnancy in consultation with your gynecologist. In the early stages of pregnancy, deep lymphatic drainage in the abdominal or pelvic area should be avoided in order not to injure the fetus.

Lipedema and pregnancy

"In 50% of lipoedema patients, there is no recurrence during pregnancy."

Dr. Simone Hermanns


Liposuction should be performed before pregnancy if possible. The reduced number of fat cells after liposuction reduces the likelihood of a relapse during pregnancy. Nevertheless, some factors such as the patient's age and personal desire to have children must be taken into account.

Pregnancy after liposuction is possible, but it is usually recommended to wait until 6 months after the procedure.

Video: Lipedema and pregnancy - triggers & relapses

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