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Aesthetic medicine thread lift - face lift

Thread lifting in Munich - face lifting without surgery

Is there a way to rejuvenate your face that doesn't make you look completely different? Yes. With a thread lift, your natural facial features are preserved - without scars. And your facial expressions do not change either. The thread lift only ensures that the increasing signs of ageing disappear in specific areas. This means you remain true to your personality and, above all, look fresher, more rested and therefore several years younger.

The thread facelift can also be perfectly combined with a vampire lift (PRP), laser procedures and also with hyaluronic fillers or wrinkle treatments. It expands the range of aesthetic possibilities - without great effort and, above all, without surgery. Look forward to a beautiful result without risks or side effects!

In skilled hands such as those of Dr. Anna-Theresa Lipp, thread lifting can even be superior to a classic surgical facelift. Provided it is skillfully and wisely combined with other methods and you maintain your mindful lifestyle.

How does the thread lift in Munich work?

The thread lift is performed sterile and under local anesthesia. It is therefore painless and is particularly suitable for patients for whom a surgical facelift would be premature or who shy away from a surgical procedure under general anesthesia.

For a thread lift, PANTEA® only uses material from the traditional German manufacturer Serag Wiesner®. These Seralea® barbed threads stimulate the production of fibroblasts and connective tissue cells in the skin and lead to the smoothing and tightening of the skin surface. The tissue is also supported and firmed at the same time. The thread lift can also be used to smooth out unevenness and correct wrinkles. The threads are placed in the subcutaneous tissue in the corresponding areas of the face using thin cannulas of different lengths and dissolve on their own after 6 - 12 months. Hardening or nodule formation around the threads (as with previous product generations) is therefore impossible. The Seralea® PDO sutures used in our PANTEA® Private Practice for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery have been used successfully for many years as absorbable sutures in plastic surgery.

On which areas of the body can a thread lift be used?

A thread lift lasting around 1.5 hours can be effective on the entire face and also on the arms. It is usually used to significantly rejuvenate the forehead, eyes & eyebrows, cheeks, midface, lips, neck and chin.

When are the results of the thread lift visible and how long do they last?

The threads used stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin. An immediate effect is usually visible directly after the procedure. The final treatment result after a thread lift becomes clear after approx. 6 weeks and lasts for up to 2 years. After that, the thread facelift can be repeated several times, but with the advantage that you don't have to start from "0" again.

How painful is a thread lift?

All areas where the stitches are inserted under the skin are locally anesthetized. This means that the treatment itself is painless. This is because the tissue under the skin, where the threads are anchored, has no pain fibers. As a result, virtually no pain is to be expected during the tightening procedure.

When are you socially acceptable again after a thread lift?

Possible swelling usually subsides completely within 48 hours. Most patients can resume normal life without restrictions after just 24 hours.

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