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The practice of Dr. Lipp and colleagues becomes PANTEA® Private Practice for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery.

Why the name change?

  1. We are a modern, innovative and continuously growing private practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery and lipedema surgery
  2. We define ourselves as a young, motivated and highly qualified team of doctors, surgical assistants and medical assistants
  3. We believe that we can only be successful together as a team in order to treat our patients in the best possible way
  4. Every team member has an important task and only together can we remain strong and successful in the long term and continue our growth to make as many patients as possible happy
  5. As a team, we wanted to give ourselves a meaningful and beautiful name that we can all identify with in order to create a platform in which each team member can develop successfully as an individual
  6. In this way, we also signal to our patients that not only the founder, Dr. med. Anna-Theresa Lipp, but also all other doctors in the team are perceived and valued as highly competent and specialized specialists

What does Pantea mean?

  1. Pantea is a female first name and is made up of the two words Pan (meaning "all") and Thea (meaning "goddess")
  2. We interpret the name as "all people are divine creatures and deserve to realize their greatest possible potential for beauty and health"
  3. Pantea is also a species of butterfly. Butterflies are wonderful creatures and true quick-change artists. Butterflies undergo a metamorphosis. The eggs develop into small caterpillars, which later pupate and turn into magical, beautiful, colorful butterflies

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